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It's time to bring life back to your kitchen, cooking should be fun and functional! Breeze through your daily cooking routine with the new Dear Dacy 4pc Utensil Cooking Set. Crafted from olive-wood, and useful in ALL types of cookware, these beautiful utensils won’t scratch or damage your pans. 

They are heat resistant, versatile, durable and easy to grip.

Superior in almost all ways, these tools are perfect for stirring, turning, mixing, scraping, tasting and serving food. 



 Large Olive Wood Spoon:30.5x5.5x2cm

Angled Turner Spoon: 31.5x6x2cm
Large Silicone Olive wood Spatula:33.5x6.2x2cm
Small Silicone Olive wood Spatula:20.5x3.1x2cm

* Utensil Canister/Holder NOT included - for picture purposes only *

Use & Care:

Always clean your Dear Dacy wooden utensils thoroughly after each use.
To keep your cooking utensils in tip-top shape, they should be washed with hot soapy water when used.

After hand-washing, if they have stains and or odors, rub a baking soda/water paste over them, let the mixture sit for a few minutes, and rinse. Pat dry with a clean cloth and let it air dry before putting it away.

To maintain the Dear Dacy cooking utensils, apply food grade mineral oil and rub it in with a cloth every once in a while to prevent the wood from drying out and cracking.